The Joy of my Family

The last two days have been full of very intersting conversations with the boys. Yesterday at dinner, Jacob announces he’s got a big booger. Mom tells him to go blow his nose and he says, ‘Na, I’ll just pick it’. When he digs it out, I tell him to go put it in a kleenex and throw it away. Again, he says, ‘na, I’ll just wipe it on my clothes’. Mom and me are both grossed out and let out a choruses of ‘yucks’. Mom asked him who taught him to do that. The little traitor says, ‘Daddy’, and adds, ‘I’m such your kid’.

Tonight, Jacob starts singing a little ditty that I’ve been singing around the house for some reason. I don’t even know where I heard it recently. The only words I know are ‘what would you do with a drunken sailor, what would you do with a drunken sailor, what would you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning’. Lynn was appalled that our three year old was singing this. Rightly I think. She launches into a sermonette about drunkenness being bad. Caleb asks how someone gets drunk, a logical question. Lynn tells him people get drunk by drinking too much, to which re responds, ‘oh, good. I hardly ever drink’. After laughing ourselves sick, we explained you can’t get drunk on milk or lemonade, only beer or other drinks with alcohol. In fine form he reminds me I better be careful not to get drunk on the beer in the fridge.

I love it.

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