Lynched, by Angela D. Sims

This post is not a review or a critique, just a few insights gleaned from Sims' incredibly important project (published 2016). Over the course of 18 months (July 2009 - February 2011), Sims traveled around the country collecting oral histories from people in locales as varied as New Jersey and Louisiana, Texas and Nebraska. She … Continue reading Lynched, by Angela D. Sims

How to Use a Christian Worldview

Over the last year I've been in countless conversations about politics, covid, race, theology, the environment, etc. In many of these conversations, my dialogue partner makes mention of a Christian worldview. A Christian worldview is a distinct way of viewing the world, of viewing life. I am convinced that in most of my conversations with … Continue reading How to Use a Christian Worldview

Swear Off All Alliances with the Assyrians of Our Day

So counsels Ray Ortlund in his book When God Comes to Church, a book written twenty years ago, but one I'm reading for the first time (and loving), currently. The chapter I'm considering now is an exposition of Hosea 14. Here's the first four verses: Return, Israel, to the LORD your God.Your sins have been … Continue reading Swear Off All Alliances with the Assyrians of Our Day