Baptism, The Church, & Apostasy

Here begins a series on baptism, it's function in the church, and apostasy. Don't see the correlation? Stick with me, I think you will. All of this is flowing out of my study on the believers union with Christ (which has been faith changing!), a study I've been doing amidst increasing conviction that us evangelicals lack a … Continue reading Baptism, The Church, & Apostasy

Mother Kirk, Part 1

Really, what is the church?If you take your cues from the contemporary evangelical world, it's a voluntary society - like the Kiwanis or Rotary club, like the Gideons or YMCA. Apparently we've learned our ecclessiology from John Locke. Locke wrote, "A church, then, I take to be a voluntary society of men, joining themselves together … Continue reading Mother Kirk, Part 1