My Very Personal Thoughts On Dying

A friend asked me today if I was worried about my mom going back to work as a county social worker in NY amid Covid19. The question took me a bit off guard - not because I had to think about if as I was worried or not, but because I wanted to think about … Continue reading My Very Personal Thoughts On Dying

How Does the Holy Spirit Lead?

After my last Daily Devotional Livestream, someone asked me for my thoughts on how the Spirit leads us or guides us today. It's a great question, but the answer was longer than I was willing to put into a text message. First, let me say that I take an open but cautious approach to the … Continue reading How Does the Holy Spirit Lead?

Why did I become a Calvinist?

Another question: What led you to your Calvinistic position, especially after attending an Arminian (Wesleyan) college? I think I was predisposed to Calvinistic theology and against Arminian theology growing up. My dad (who doubled as my pastor) wouldn't have identified himself as Reformed or Calvinistic, but he strongly emphasized the doctrine of eternal security. I … Continue reading Why did I become a Calvinist?

Double Predestination

Another great question from the same friend who asked about God changing his mind. He writes, "My biggest question with Calvinism deals with the concept of double predestination. How do you handle this topic? Does that bother you?" I did struggle with double predestination (election/reprobation) at one time. What helped ease the discomfort was understanding … Continue reading Double Predestination

Does God Change His Mind?

Earlier this week a friend sent me a couple of really good questions, and with his permission, I'm posting questions and my responses here. The first question has to do with God changing his mind in Numbers 14:11-21 where Moses pleads with God to spare the Israelites. Some have suggested this text and the others … Continue reading Does God Change His Mind?