Lynched, by Angela D. Sims

This post is not a review or a critique, just a few insights gleaned from Sims' incredibly important project (published 2016). Over the course of 18 months (July 2009 - February 2011), Sims traveled around the country collecting oral histories from people in locales as varied as New Jersey and Louisiana, Texas and Nebraska. She … Continue reading Lynched, by Angela D. Sims

Lying with the Truth: Was Bible made “anti-gay” in 1946?

Over the past few months I've seen quite a few posts, ranging from TikTok videos to pieces seeming to be investigative journalism, reporting that the Bible was 'made anti-gay' in the 20th century. There's even a movie coming out called 1946 based on the claim that "The first time the word 'homosexual' appeared in any … Continue reading Lying with the Truth: Was Bible made “anti-gay” in 1946?

Mike Pence’s Heresy & the New Cult of Caesar

I have watched zero percent of the RNC or DNC. I have better things to do than watch the pomp. But, I have watched some replays of some speeches from both sides, and read transcripts of a bit more. I do not post on [national] politics. I do post when politicians step into religion (like … Continue reading Mike Pence’s Heresy & the New Cult of Caesar

Why are we Shocked?

Don't forget, we live in Babylon. And Babylon isn't Jerusalem - never has been, never will be (in fact, earthly Jerusalem ain't no Jerusalem either). ┬áIn two stages, Israel was taken into exile. First, the Northern Kingdom was conquered carried into exile to the Assyrian empire in 722BC. The Southern Kingdom of Judah help off … Continue reading Why are we Shocked?