My Very Personal Thoughts On Dying

A friend asked me today if I was worried about my mom going back to work as a county social worker in NY amid Covid19. The question took me a bit off guard - not because I had to think about if as I was worried or not, but because I wanted to think about … Continue reading My Very Personal Thoughts On Dying

Finding Balance in Family Bible Reading

This morning I will be sharing with the Mom's group at ECC on the topic of family Bible reading.  Our family has certainly had it's ups and downs, its trials and errors, and its successes. There have been, shamefully, periods where we've gone months without consistent Bible reading together. And, there's been other periods, more … Continue reading Finding Balance in Family Bible Reading

Metallica’s “One”: some devotional thoughts

This summer they boys are looking at some of their favorite songs from a biblical perspective. A few weeks ago, they dove into one of the best metal songs of all time - Metallica's "One".  Here's the lyrics:I can't remember anythingCan't tell if this is true or dreamDeep down inside I feel to screamThis terrible … Continue reading Metallica’s “One”: some devotional thoughts