Mother Kirk Part 3

I concluded the last post in this series quoting from the Westminster Confession of Faith, which states, "The visible Church, which is also catholic or universal under the Gospel (not confined to one nation, as before under the law), consists of all those throughout the world that profess the true religion; and of their children: … Continue reading Mother Kirk Part 3

Mother Kirk Part 2

In the last post I contended that the church isn't a voluntary society like the Rotary Club. I also introduced the taxonomy of "invisible church" and "the visible church".  Here I want to offer biblical support for these categories. Before that though, a short definition of 'church' may be helpful. The word church (or Kirk … Continue reading Mother Kirk Part 2

Baptism, The Church, & Apostasy

Here begins a series on baptism, it's function in the church, and apostasy. Don't see the correlation? Stick with me, I think you will. All of this is flowing out of my study on the believers union with Christ (which has been faith changing!), a study I've been doing amidst increasing conviction that us evangelicals lack a … Continue reading Baptism, The Church, & Apostasy

>John Williamson Nevin: An Evaluation

>Evaluating Nevin and his theological scheme is quite difficult because, by and large, few of his ideas took hold and few have been tested over decades or centuries of church life. However, dismissing them as wrong simply because they did not attract a large following, reshape the evangelical landscape, or “work” would be utterly pragmatic … Continue reading >John Williamson Nevin: An Evaluation

>John Williamson Nevin: On The Lord’s Supper (part 2)

>Several more points of contrast between the old Reformed view and “modern Puritan” view gives us a fuller appreciation for Nevin’s position. First, Nevin points out that in the Calvinistic view, the communion of the believer with Christ occurs which is beyond that experienced in common worship. Believer’s commune with Christ in the Supper in … Continue reading >John Williamson Nevin: On The Lord’s Supper (part 2)