Faith vs Decisions

I was recently in a conversation with someone I respect immensely. They reported something they heard a pastor say that troubled them. Via the grapevine, it was reported that this pastor taught that his kids didn't need to be saved because they already were, by virtue of him being a pastor. I suspect, knowing something … Continue reading Faith vs Decisions

>Too Missional?

>Kevin DeYoung has a great post over at his site. Apparently some were concerned with Kevin's comments about 'missional' language at the Desiring God Conference. Here's how he opened his comments on 'missional':Let me say something at this point about the relatively new term “missional.” I do not have a problem with people putting “al” … Continue reading >Too Missional?

>More on Gospel and Kingdom

>The following is taken from the Theological Vision for Ministry of the Gospel Coalition. I think this summary statement strikes a really nice balance. Here it is:(2) How should we read the Bible? (The hermeneutical issue)a) Reading “along” the whole Bible. To read along the whole Bible is to discern the single basic plot-line of … Continue reading >More on Gospel and Kingdom

>The Gospel and the Kingdom of God

>The several posts I want to write this week are all interrelated in that they arose out of my preparation for and discussion in the Poiema ACG this semester. I'd like to write a recap of the semester, including this previous week where we discussed the Manhattan Declaration, which got us discussing the true nature … Continue reading >The Gospel and the Kingdom of God