Join God’s Story

A couple of weeks ago, Neal Smith, an elder at First Baptist, sounded a clear reminder that the story isn’t about us. It never was and it never will be. Unfortunately, that doesn’t usually sit to well with us. We want it to be about us. We want to shine. We want to make Sinatra’s song ours – we want to say we did it our way. We want to be the hero, to get the standing ovation, to be glorified. But God will not share his glory with another – not you, not me.

So the key is not trying to fit God into your story, but figuring out how you fit into his. God and his story are far to big to fit into our short four score lifetime. God’s story is eternal, and God is the main player in the story.

I know we are used to hearing that there are no dumb questions. Wrong! Here’s a dumb question: How do I fit God into my life, my story? That is profoundly wrong. It’s backwards. The right question is “how do I fit into God’s story?” Learning to ask that, and to be satisfied with small supporting roles instead of the lead role is essential to a glorifying God and enjoying him forever.