Confessionso of a Chocaholic

Ok, so a week or so ago I mentioned that I’m a chocolate junkie. It’s bad. Real bad. But a few nights ago I realized how it was affecting my family. My son’s are now certified
chocolate fiends as well.
We had some people over and my wife made some chocolate peanut butter brownies. OH YEAH! Anyway, she somehow got a little on her sleeve. It was up around her elbow, so it went unnoticed for a few hours. Then Caleb saw it. He began picking it off. We thought he was going to throw the dried, crusty brownie batter in the garbage. No way. He ate it. And then picked some more off and ate it too. I’m such a proud dad!

Well, the moral of the story. Well, I guess there ain’t one. Just thought I’d give you a glimpse into the fun that is my world!