Delighting in Jesus

Yesterday afternoon I was listening to a good friend of mine preach a sermon on Isaiah 42. My friends name is John and he shares my heart for God. Actually, I share his heart. He had it first and shared it with me, and I am forever indebted to him for that. He was preaching on a totally different passage, but saying many of the same things I struggeled to say Sunday night. In Isaiah 42:1 God says of his Son “My chosen one in whom my soul delights…” So John asked his congregation, and I pose the same question to you, “Do you delight in Jesus as much as God does?”…

Of course that’s a rather unfair question, but as John reminds us, as I stated Sunday night, it is one of our primary tasks as Christians to learn to delight in Jesus like God does.
John asked another very penetrating question: “What gets me more excited than Jesus? What would I rather be doing than worshipping Jesus?” Don’t just pass over that. Sit with it and ask the Spirit to work with you through that question. It’s important cause it reveals what our hearts and souls actually delight in. Would you rather be at a movie, rather at a ball game, rather be with your girlfriend or boyfriend. What excites you? Does hearing of the beauties of God as revealed in Jesus excite you?

One more quote from John. John says concisely, “In every way you need him, Jesus is God’s perfect Savior”. I would encourage you to sit and read Jonathan Edwards sermon entitled “Excellecies of Christ” (available at He does an incredible job showing us why Jesus is a perfect friend, a perfect savior, a perfect treasure…read and delight.