Sex and the City of God

Wow, the Superbowl was awesome. Ok, it wasn’t awesome. It was good. Saturday night here worshipping with everyone was awesome. We hope you remembered and didn’t show up Sunday night. If you did, I’m sure you had a great time of personal prayer and meditating on God’s Word.

If you missed Saturday night, it was a great time of worship and fellowship. We continued to think about sex as a gift from God, this week focusing on how to protect the beauty of that gift. Unfortunately, the wireless microphone had some technical issues, so the message wasn’t recorded. I have, however, turned my notes into a full manuscript of what we discussed Saturday night. You can download it here (Sex and the City of God). I would encourage you to do so if you weren’t here – not because I think my handling of the topic was so profound, but because the topic itself is of vital importance.