the Lord’s Supper, A Prayer

I read this tonight in my office. I meant to read it at Connexion, but time got away from me. It’s a beautiful prayer from a little collection of Puritan prayers called The Valley of Vision:

God of all good, I bless Thee for the means of grace;
teach me to see in them Thy loving purposes
and the joy and strength of my soul.
Thou hast prepared for me a feast;
and though I am unworthy to sit down as a guest,
I wholly rest on the merits of Jesus,
and hide myself beneath His righteousness.
When I hear His tender invitation
and see His wondrous grace,
I cannot hesitate, but must come to Thee in love.
By Thy Spirit enliven my faith rightly to discern
and spiritually to apprehend the Savior.
While I gaze upon the emblems of my Savior’s death,
may I ponder why He died, and hear Him say,
“I gave My life to purchase yours,
presented Myself an offering to expiate your sin,
shed My blood to blot out your guilt,
opened My side to make you clean,
endured your curses to set you free,
bore your condemnation to satisfy divine justice.”
O may I rightly grasp the breadth and length of this design,
draw near, obey, extend the hand,
take the bread, receive the cup,
eat and drink, testify, before all men
that I do for myself, gladly,
in faith, reverence and love, receive my Lord,
to be my life, strength, nourishment, joy, delight!
In the supper I remember His eternal love, boundless grace,
infinite compassion, agony, cross, redemption,
and receive assurance of pardon, adoption, life, glory.
As the outward elements nourish my body,
so may Thy indwelling Spirit invigorate my soul,
until that day when I hunger and thirst no more,
and sit with Jesus at His heavenly feet. Amen.

One thought on “the Lord’s Supper, A Prayer

  1. Thanks for this prayer – a real blessing to me. It also reminded me of the book, ‘The Valley of Vision’. It’s a while since I looked at my copy. I must go back to it and find more blessing in such fine prayers.

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