my surprising ancestreal roots

For the longest time, I thought (because I had been told so) that my last name was German. However, after taking German for several years, I found out there is no ‘gh’ combination in the German language. Then I discovered that actually, the name is Scottish. (Doug, maybe my great, great, great, great grandfather went to school with yours!). Anyway, I also have a fair amount of Native American blood from both my Grandmothers and Dutch from my mom’s dad.

Recently, however, I found another ancestreal root – troll. Sometimes genetic traits lay dormant for a few generations, the resurface (I actually am just making this up. I have no idea, but I have to explain the resemblance some how). Check it out:

3 thoughts on “my surprising ancestreal roots

  1. Ha ha… I had a wee hunt and discovered you are of Scottish stock! You had ancestors who held a family seat in Dumfriesshire, which is a great county in the Borders, in 1150 AD.

    We should probably start voice coaching immediately if I am to undo 32 years of damage.

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