The Law and New Covenant Christians, part 1

I am currently doing a lot of reading on the Mosaic Covenant and the Law. As a part of this reading, I am being forced to think again how the Law, specifically the Ten Commandments, relates to Christians under the New Covenant. Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to post regularly on this topic. I am hoping, in part, that writing out my thought will bring greater clarity to me personally.

However, I am also hoping that this will begin others thinking about God’s law and our relationship to it. In a post from mid March (“Where is the Fear of The Lord?”, March 14th), I bemoaned the fact that the “fear of the Lord” is no longer a distinguishing mark of the evangelical church. Part of the reason for this, I believe, is that we have largely ignored the role of the law among the people of God. I hope to push against this, at least in the small corner of American evangelicalism that I have any degree of influence on. So, stay tuned for thoughts about the Law and the Christian, and please, your comments will help me as I process!

2 thoughts on “The Law and New Covenant Christians, part 1

  1. I look forward to your thoughts, particularly because it is one of the areas where Reformed theology, normally so Pauline, seems to me to fall short, though I’m very willing to be shown otherwise. And we’ll watch to see whether you mow your lawn on Saturdays. 🙂

  2. dan — this reminds me that i still have your leviticus commentaries!! ((i will return them soon)). they’ve been a huge help, though, so thanks!

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