Distractions – Blame it on the PCA

I’ve been somewhat distracted from posting on the Law recently. Distractions have included the wisdom tooth extraction, my patio project, reading Doug’s blog, and trying to follow some of the PCA’s General Assembly.

Why have I been following it so closely (I literally watched hours of debate today)? As a denomination they appoointed a committee to study are make recommendations about two ‘new’ theological systems that have emerged or are emerging. The New Perspectives on Paul has been articulated most compellingly and widely by NT Wright -the Bishop of Durham. I’ve only begun to look into NPP in the last few months and am currently reading two books, and quite a few journal articles on the NPP.

The other issue the PCA committee studied was what is being called Federal Vision Theology. All I know about FV I learned from the commissions report. You can read the entire report, complete with analysis and recommendations.

It seems both of these new movements threatens the heart of the gospel, and I am glad the PCA has taken it’s stand against them (they are acutally kind of late on this bandwagon, but better late than never).

Oh, and if you can wait till November, John Piper has a book being released in response to NT Wright’s views on justification. The title: The Future of Justification: A Response to N.T. Wright.

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  1. Being in the PCA myself, I’ve been trying to follow the Federal Vision controversy but, to be honest, find it a bit over my head. Ever consider doing a couple of posts summarizing both positions? I’ve looked for sucha series but have not found one that neatly summarizes the debate.

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