Korean Missionaries Released

My kids and I have been praying for the release of the Korean hostages in Afghanistan for weeks now (along with the cowboys who are dying – i don’t know, but that’s what Jacob wants to pray for every night).

Yesterday, Heather sent me word that some of the hostages were being released. Amen! Here’s a link the the CNN Story.

Read the story closely and you’ll see what a victory this is, but maybe not for the church. We should be celebrating the release of captives, but cost is extraordinary. Korea agreed to halt all Christian missions activity in Afghanistan in return for the release of the hostages. This leaves me to wonder if the missionaries were negotiating for themselves, would they have made this deal? I think probably not.

Put yourself in a Korean’s shoes, one is trying to be an obedient follower of Christ. How do you respond? What if you feel a call to go to Afghanistan? How do you obey the commands of 1 Peter to respect and obey government officials and stay true to your commitment to follow Christ? I don’t have pat answers, but would love to hear from you all?!

One thought on “Korean Missionaries Released

  1. Yes a dangerous precedent in man’s eyes. Remember Paul and Silas in jail….it didn’t stop them.
    Already we are hearing on the news that Korean Christians were working amongst the poor in Afghanistan and that they do not feel it is fair to cut off this aid.
    Keep praying as the battle is not yet won.

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