New CD: Wake Thy Slumbering Children, Indelible Grace V

I just got this cd in the mail today. It’s the fifth cd in the Indelible Grace series, a series of reworked hymns. It’s the musical byproduct of Reformed University Ministries, a ministry I love for their heart and philosophy and theology. Honestly, the hymns on the first two cd’s are more familiar, but the music was a little hoky. The third and fourth cd’s showed improvement Several of the hymns we do at Connexion come from these two cd’s(For all the Saints, Lead on O King). this fifth cd is absolutely fantastic. Kevin Twit, who stands behind most of these cd’s, has certainly matured. This cd is a bluesy reworking of some great hymns and spirituals and includes musicians like Derek Webb, Matthew Smith and Sandra McCracken.

You can listen to it online here!

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  1. hey thanks for the comment! and yeah, i did the artwork. the first and last are watercolor paintings and that one in the middle is a tinted photograph i took and developed. i’m a studio art minor so don’t be too impressed đŸ™‚

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