Am I a One Issue Voter?

I don’t get in political conversations very often, though I’m sure that will change in the next few months. Often when I am, however, the question is asked in one way or another, “are you a one issue voter?” My response is always, “Yes, and so are you!” The person asking is always asking about abortion and means “would you support/vote for someone who was pro-choice”. I get the question, and that is one issue for me that is a ‘make-it-or-break-it issue’; however, we all have those issues. What if, you as a female learned that one of the front running candidates was for repealing the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. Even if you agreed with every other policy issue, I doubt you’d cast your vote for them. Or, maybe the candidate advocates euthanizing everyone over 70 as a way to solve the Social Security dilemma. I doubt they’ll do well with the elderly, or even middle age vote! So everyone is a one issue voter if that means everyone has a ‘make-it-or-break-it’ issue. We all do, though our issues may be different.

Certainly I’m not a one issue voter in the sense that abortion is the only issue I pay attention to. I am very concerned about the war in Iraq, war on terror, social justice issue, fiscal responsibility, etc. But I am very concerned with the legal protection, or lack there of, of the unborn, and could not vote for someone who did not share this same concern.

Ann Rice, the popular author disagrees with me and has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Robert George, professor of philosophy at Princeton has written her an open letter questioning her endorsement. Check them out.