A Christian Voters Guide

This blog has been on hiatus since January. Time to break the silence, for those five of you that read. Over the past few months I’ve started several profound posts, just couldn’t finish them. But since we here in Indiana go to the polls tomorrow (though I know some have already gone) I thought I’d buckle down and actually finish one.

I’m sure you’ve seen ‘Christian Voter Guides’ before. That’s not what I’m offering. I’m actually just writing to encourage you to use your ‘internal guide’ when voting, aka your conscience. Last night as we watched the news I was informed that 70% of Americans say the economy is the number one voting issue for them right now. Wow, wallets do speak loudly don’t they.

With so many issues at stake, issues of great moral importance – like prolife/prochoice, war, environmental issues, issues of US foreign policy, etc. – we don’t care. We want more money in our pockets so we can live more comfortably. Again, I don’t want to suggest that their aren’t moral issues at stake in how one manages the economy, but that’s not most of the 70% see. They see promises, real or merely political, about lowering taxes, securing jobs, bringing the price of gas to under $500 per tank, etc., and people say, yeah I want that.

Again, please don’t misunderstand me. Money is important. I like having it and don’t like being without it. However, in reality, most of us aren’t going without – without necessities. Maybe we’ve had to tighten our belts a little and buy less luxuries, but most of us aren’t ‘suffering ‘ – it bothers me to hear those in the media talk about the suffering middle class.

So my closing words are simple – vote your conscience, not your wallet. Don’t ask, what will make me more comfortable, but what is right and good. And, I believe, when asking that question, Christians can and will arrive at different conclusions. But at least lets ask the right questions.