Great Book on Emerging Church

I had taken a vacation from reading anything emerging church or about emerging church. That peaceful, enjoyable break needed to end, so I picked up this book not expecting much. It was, however, fantastic. The critique of the movement is insightful, winsome, informed and balanced. They see the good and the bad. They’ve read widely, attended the right conferences, experienced the right services…and still are committed to the ‘traditional’ church. They engage with the writings, style, teaching, sermons, etc of Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, Brian McLaren, Tony Jones and others, as well as the critiques of DA Carson and other evangelical pastors/theologians. Even if you’ve read DA Carson’s Becoming Conversant with Emergent, this one is still a must read as it engages a much wider range of speakers/authors/influencers in the emerging church movement.Check it out.