What kinda Evangelical are you?

What Kind of Evangelical Are You
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You scored as Evangelical Presbyterian

You’re an Evangelical Presbyterian, probably a member of a PCA church. Sound theology and reverent worship are important to you, but so are outreach and ministry to the community. You are likely to be from the deep South, and perhaps at one time you were Southern Baptist.

Evangelical Presbyterian


Reformed Baptist


High Church Nomad


Presby – Old School




Fightin’ Fundy


Moderate Evangelical


Conservative Evangelical


Wow, pretty accurate. Of course, I took the quiz twice because the first time it said I was a Reformed Baptist even though I said I’d baptize infants – which would rule me out of membership in any Baptist Church I know of. I did live in the south, was a member of many baptist churches, though most were independent. My dad, who was my pastor for 20 years or so) is an evangelist at heart, more than me, but cares less about doctrinal precision than I do. I thought about pursuing ordination in the PCA at one time, but get hung up on one point of the Westminster Confession – avoiding worldly leisure on the Sabbath. Seemed a little Pharisaical to me. I am, on the other hand, attending a PCA seminary. Well, I just wasted 15 minutes of a work day finding out what I already knew – and you just wasted five minutes finding out things about me that I bet you already knew to!

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  1. Apparently I’m a Baptist; could be worse I suppose, since none of those labels really pin me down.

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