I Can’t Escape Big Questions

Tonight Caleb asked a doosie of a question.
Caleb: Dad, did God know Adam and Eve were going to eat from the tree?
Dad: Yeah, God knows everything that’s ever going to happen.
Caleb: Could he have stopped it?
Dad: Yeah, he could have.
Caleb: Why didn’t he?
Dad: Wow, that’s a great question.

In essence, here’s my answer to him (reworded and summed up):

If Adam had never fallen, we’d never no anything about the anger/wrath of God. We wouldn’t know as much about his holiness either. And if we didn’t know as much about his anger and holiness, we wouldn’t know as much about his grace and mercy. And if Adam never sinned, Jesus would never have died on the cross. And if Jesus didn’t die on the cross, we wouldn’t know as much about the love of God.

Really, God allowed this awful tragedy so we would know more about him and worship him for the awesome God he is. That must be more important to God than anything else.

As a Calvinist, I would go on to say that not only did God permit, but also ordained the fall in order to more fully reveal his glorious perfections. Hmmm. Talking about that on Sunday night would have been fun…!