things I’d like to post about, if I ever finish the mountain of reading

There a truck load of things I’d like to post about, if I find the time. Here’s a few:
1. What I’m learning from my readings! One of the things I’ve been reading about recently is how the NT uses the OT. Sounds boring, and at times it really is. Really. But, my imagination is being stirred to see Jesus in ways, especially in the OT, that my hermeneutic has not freed me to before.
2. My impression of the new ESV study Bible. I think its awesome. But I’ll try to say more later.
3. Thoughts on abortion. I know its not the only issue, but it seems like it has been a neglected issue in this election. Honestly, everything but the economy has been, at least of late. I’ve only heard one question on education.
4. Another thought from the readings I’ve been doing, especially in Conversion of the Imagination by Richard Hays, that I’d love to reflect on and write about is the ways Paul used rhetoric to convert the imagination. Specifically, he used language to help his readers imagine themselves a part of the OT story of Israel, even though many/most were Gentiles. That has implications of us in that 1) we’re also heirs to that story, and 2) we can/should preach in a way to help people feel this, 3) this would have implications for our ethics/morals that is far reaching.

Ok. Now back to reading.