Why I’m not lockstep with anyone – everyone is just stupid sometimes!

I remember my mom asking me once during a strong Piper phase I went through if I disagreed with John Piper on anything. Even back then I didn’t agree with Piper on all points theological. Today, that disagreements are more numerous. For example, he recently posted an article “Why Women Shouldn’t Run for Vice President, But Wise People May Still Vote for Her“. Wow.

In actuality, I can’t think of anyone I’m lockstep with – not Calvin, not Edwards. I’m a nomad theologically. I don’t fit in any denomination that I know of, except maybe the EPC. Makes it hard to find a job (!), but thankfully I’m not looking. I think there is a wisdom in not being overly worried with consistency (it is the hobgoblin of little minds), and being humble in our approach even to our own beliefs. I honestly disagree with things I believed even a year or two ago. I learn, I grow, I rethink, and I think it’s good. I love being at a place like ECC where I’m constantly exposed to people who disagree and with a staff who is open to thinking and rethinking things.

4 thoughts on “Why I’m not lockstep with anyone – everyone is just stupid sometimes!

  1. Yeah, there are so many things wrong with Piper’s comments, I can’t even sift through it all.

    The very last comment gets me the most, though.

    Is is sin for a woman to run for any public office? Why not take it further, John, and say it’s sin for a woman to hold any authority ever in any work situation?


  2. Okay, after a more objective look at Piper’s thoughts… it’s less anger-inducing and more confusing.

    He says: “Add to this that the Bible does not encourage us to think of nations as blessed when women hold the reins of national authority. Nor in the Bible were women part of those conscripted to fight the battles for Israel.”

    I mean, what about Deborah???

    Anyway, not sure what your disagreement with Piper was specifically.

    That’s just something I noticed after another read.

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