Clarification on Previous Post on Gay Marraige

In the comments on my previous post, SEG asked for some clarification on why I am for using the legislative process to put an end to abortion but not a fan of the ban on gay marriage. First, let me say that I am not for gay marriage and do believe homosexuality is a flagrant sin (one of many). But I think there is a difference between the two issues, abortion and gay marriage.

Here’s the difference as I see it, and I am open for correction and input. First, I see nowhere in scripture where I am to crusade in the larger society for morality. We should be moral people and salt and light that change society from the inside out. I do see, however, where we are called to stand up for the weak, the powerless, to care about justice, etc. In most ways, the gay marriage issue is a victimless issue. We obviously can’t say the same thing about abortion.

Secondly, changing the terminology from marriage back to civil union is semantics – just wording. Now I really haven’t spent time reading the legislation, but I am under the impression that virtually all of the rights extended to gay couples under the umbrella of ‘marriage’ will continue to be extended under the umbrella of ‘civil union’. No matter what you call it the sin remains. To change that, you’d have to outlaw homosexuality (sodomy laws, etc.) and enforce it. I don’t know many people who are in favor of this, and I certainly am not. On the issue of abortion, I’m not advocating action to protect a word or concept, but lives.

Hope the clarification is helpful.

One thought on “Clarification on Previous Post on Gay Marraige

  1. Hey Dan,

    This is a really good clarification. I’m not convinced that semantics don’t matter but don’t really have a coherent counter argument formed…I guess it seems that all marriages should just be called civil unions since marriage is a riligious/biblical term. I would feel more comfortable if the term marriage was taken out of the state/government endeavors and kept at the church level.

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