Weird British Superhero vs. Weird American Superhero

Today my Scottish friend Doug told me about a second verse to the Lord’s Army Song (yeah know, “I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery…but I’m in the Lord’s army. Yes Sir!”). The second verse must be British:

“I may never fly like Superman,
Climb like Spiderman,
Bend like Banana man.
Indiana Jones is not the kind of guy I am,
For I’m in the Lord’s army.
I’m in the Lord’s Army, (yes, sir!)”

I had never heard of Bananman. Based on his bendiness I thought maybe he was like our Plastic Man. Jeremy, who was also with us, had never heard of Plastic Man. He’s the DC version of Mr. Fantastic, but not cool. He’s Mr. Fantastic spliced with Inspector Gadget. Well anyway, here’s two videos, one of Bananman and one of Plastic Man. Which one would you rather have the kiddies watching?



Plastic Man:

3 thoughts on “Weird British Superhero vs. Weird American Superhero

  1. Holy cow. I HAVE seen Bananaman before. I think it was some kind of repressed memory, but as soon as I started watching that Youtube video it all came flooding back…

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