I couldn’t resist this. Today my kids were watching Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. Here’s what I heard, “you can’t make someone do something not in their nature. No, but you can change their nature!”

Amen. You can’t make an unregenerate rebel believe – it’s not in their nature. It takes a recreated nature, a new birth. This is the sovereign work of God. Just like in Power Rangers.

(I know I’m setting myself up for abuse, so I’ll start the ball rollin’: Doug, “Guess you had to learn Calvinism from somewhere cause I know you didn’t learn it from the Bible”. )

One thought on “All I need to know about Calvinism I learned from Power Ranger

  1. Clearly, I’m not praying for you nearly enough.

    Next lunch, I’m leaving Jeremy behind and we can try to wean you off the Calvinism as well as the caffeine.

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