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Kevin DeYoung, co-author of Why We’re Not Emergent: By Two Guys Who Should Be, has launched a blog, DeYoung, Restless and Reformed. Check it out. Also, I see he has two other books that I will be checking out soonish, maybe: 1) Just Do Something: How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc., and 2) Freedom and Boundaries: A Pastoral Primer on the Role of Women in the Church. (Don’t these titles seem obnoxiously long. Reminds me of some great Puritan titles).

6 thoughts on “New Blog by DeYoung

  1. I can be annoyed with someone who is espousing this though, from his Just Do Something book:

    “But God doesn’t need to tell us what to do at each fork in the road. He’s already revealed his plan for our lives: to love him with our whole hearts, to obey His Word, and after that, to do what we like.”

    It appears he’s been too busy doing whatever he wanted to read Acts or 1 Corinthians.

  2. Interesting that DeYoung and me, as a Calvinists, would emphasize the freedom to choose and a less ‘detailed’ will of God than the Wesleyan?! Could be a fun lunch discussion someday.

  3. I’m curious to know what he says in his Women’s Role in the Church book. If there’s any mention of “party planning” or “potluck dinners,” I may scream.

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