The Book Thief

I just picked up a copy of The Book Thief. The lady behind the counter in the Barnes and Noble Starbucks gushed about it. I wouldn’t have bought it, but I saw that its the book picked for One Book One Bloomington and Beyond 2009 and that there were five or six book discussion groups about it and a few movie discussion nights also.

From the promo: “Narrated by Death, this coming-of-age story set in World War II chronicles the life of a young girl in Germany who leaarns from the books she steals and the friends she collects along the way.” I’ve only just started this book and find it weirdly interesting. I am hoping to make my way to one of the many book discussion groups on it – what a great topic to discuss and what a great bridge to talking about the gospel – Death is inevitable; Death is our enemy! I’d challenge those of you who live in Btown to pick up a copy and plan on going to a discussion group. Ask a friend to go with, maybe a friend you’ve been praying for and one you are hoping to share the gospel with.

2 thoughts on “The Book Thief

  1. Hmm. Seeing as I’m trying to be responsible with my finances, any chance I could borrow yours when you’re finished?

  2. Absolutely, though I am just starting it and also reading Shogun for fun (on top of my ‘serious’ books), so it will be a while. Mi libro su libro!

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