Scott McKnight on the Neo Reformed

Scott McKnight over at Jesus Creed has a great new post on the NeoReformed. I guess I’m a part of the NeoReformed movement in that I’m young (ish) and reformed. I would, however, like to think of myself as a reformed neoreformer. I hope I’m not mean-spirited and that I haven’t erected any ‘gates on the gateless green of evangelicalism’. You can read Scott’s whole post.

As I said, I’m very much into Reformed theology, but I’m also very concerned by trends I see in many a young Calvin wannabe. First is the divisive spirit which McKnight contends with in his article. The second issue I have with many young Reformed guys is the drift away from sola scriptura to a scripture + piper or scripture + carson, scripture = the Institutes, etc. Again, I think I was probably there ten years ago (maybe even five) and I think I burned bridges. I don’t mean this to come off as holier than thou. Rather, hear it as a plea. Maybe hear it as a challenge: figure out how to hold tightly to correct doctrine without being contentious. Don’t allow the Christian faith to shrink to a few key doctrines, YET make sure their is enough room in your tent for those who disagree on the nonessential. Don’t be wishy washy on doctrine, but don’t be a bristly brush either. Know what you believe and still love others who disagree with you.