Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame

When this news item came up on my blog reader it caught my eye for several reasons. First, and maybe the most important, it had to do with Notre Dame. Why do I care about Notre Dame? Well, Mark Noll is there, but that’s not the reason. My niece was given a full ride to Notre Dame to play basketball starting in 2010. Yep, she was recruited and committed as a junior! Her team won the state tournament in PA and she was named the best woman’s basketball player in the state. I think we’ll be making quite a few trips to South Bend in the next few years.

Second, this article re-raises the abortion issue which has laid dormant, at least on my blog, since March 14th. So, here is Harvard Law Professor Mary Ann Glendon’s letter to the President of Notre Dame explaining why she’s declining the award and backing out of her commitment to speak at commencement. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Mary Ann Glendon declines Notre Dame

  1. I think Mary Ann Glendon’s decision took a lot of guts. She’s probably going to get a lot of flak for it, but I think it was a bold move.

    Slightly unrelated: Mark Noll and his wife Maggie go to my church! Maggie leads the women’s Bible study I’m in, and Mark did a Sunday school series on the hymnity of the Reformed church. Very fascinating! I love them! They’re such great people. Definitely a reason to like Notre Dame.

  2. Seems like Notre Dame is trying to have it both ways, by cosying up to the spirit of the age while still owning their Christian roots. I think she did the right thing.

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