two links worth checking out

Here’s a few things from around the web worth checking out:

Rain City Hymnal: some one sent me a link for a free download. Thanks whoever did it! This is an awesome, eclectic cd of some of my favorite hymns. I especially love “What Wondrous Love is This” and “Oh the Deep Deep Love” (sing this at my funeral when I kick it).

An Edwards book by Doug Sweeney. Sweeney was one of my favorite profs at Trinity, is an Edwards expert – so I’ll have to add one more Edwards book to my collection. Here’s a link to Justin Taylors description of the book.

One thought on “two links worth checking out

  1. I'll have to download that music when I get home, but I love that there's a band in there called "Team Strike Force." Maybe we need to call our worship band at ECC something similarly menacing.

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