Family Worship, Week 3/4

Well, life happened and between painting the boys room (which took a lot longer that we thought it would) and vacation, we’ve gotten ourselves really far behind in our plan. A few years ago, that would have discouraged me and I probably would have used it as a reason to abandon the exercise. I’m learning that irregular is better than not at all, not to be rigid and legalistic about it. Having said that, we’ll be back on track with Abraham this week.

For the last few weeks we’ve been reading the Noah story from Genesis 6-9 with reference also to 1 Peter 3: 18-22. We focused on how bad things got after the Adam and Eve’s sin and how God was just in punishing the world. We also talked quite a bit about why God saved Noah and his family. While he was righteous, we have to be clear that he was still a sinner and deserved judgment (as the episode after exiting the ark shows). God is merciful and God chose to save Noah out of mercy and so his purposes would not fail. God could have justly swept Noah away in the flood also, but he if he had than the promise made to Eve in Gen 3:15 would have failed. It was a great chance to talk about God’s faithfulness to his promises. We also talked about how the flood was not the cure for sin, which we see after Noah exits the ark, plants a vineyard and gets drunk. Sin’s still present in us and we need a cure. We talked quite a bit about the covenant God made with Noah and all creation that he wouldn’t destroy the earth again with a flood.

On the creative side, the kids drew pictures of the ark scene and built an ark out of legos (it was pretty cool). I’m sure we would be more creative if I would communicate better with Lynn what I’d actually be talking about with the boys better and she could plan more. We’ll try to do that more this week. Actually, I’m expecting Abraham’s story to take two weeks – he is pretty important.