Free Books in my office

A friend from church has been dropping off lots of books to me recently as he cleans out his basement. I’ve taken some, thrown some away (mold or horribly outdated). There are a few that may be of interest to you – if so, just let me know and you can have em:

1. The Old Testament and the Fine Arts: 100 full page art reproductions, 100 art interpretations, 77 hymns and interpretations, 244 poems, 63 stories (copyright1954).

2. The God Who is There, Francis Schaeffer. Great book, but I already have a copy.

3. Miracles, CS Lewis. Ditto.

4. A History of Christianity, Martin Marty. Got it too.

5. Matthew Henry’s Commentaries. Very old, pretty cool looking actually. I just don’t have space for them and have more current commentaries I rely on.

6. Expositors Greek New Testament. Same as above.

8 thoughts on “Free Books in my office

  1. Ooooooh Books! Can I claim the Lewis?

    Also, could I borrow that book on discipleship you were telling us about… I think you said it was called 'side by side' or something like that?

  2. you got it ladies. I'll put them in the front office with your names on them. pick em up any time you want.

  3. actually, can sarah just take them and then i'll pick them up from her later?? ((are you reading this sarah?))

  4. If no one else has claimed the fine arts book, I'd be interested.

    I'm going to hate myself for asking, but how many volumes are the Henry commentaries?



    (Gah! Sorry for the double comment.)

  5. I think NO has the Fine Arts book claimed. If not, it's yours. There are six vol. to the Henry commentary.

  6. yeah, i'd like the art book and church history. but if you want the henry commentaries you can have em, mateo.

    and on second thought i'm going to pass on the expositors greek new testiment.

    so…i just want fine arts and church history. i'll take the henry commentaries but only if no one else wants them. THANKS!

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