>Blog on Break

>I am sure many of you have notice that I haven’t been posting much of substance on this blog for a while. I have been incredibly busy with church work, family life and preparing for an upcoming debate with Dan Barker (October 19th @ 7pm, Woodburn Hall, Room 100) . I’m looking forward to regaining a little leisure time when the debate is over and writing more frequent and substantial posts. I’m sure I’ll be posting more thoughts on ‘Can you Be Good without God’, the topic of the debate (hopefully no retractions or clarifications). I’d also like to post, as was requested, on pro-life laws. To do this I’ll need to read up, something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now. Church history is something I’ve been finding a lot of pleasure reading and thinking about recently, so I’d like to write more on some of those great characters in history (hero’s and villains of the faith). Thanks for being patient and still following the blog.