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There’s nothing new under the sun. That’s one of the things I come away with after reading Christ’s words of encouragement and reprimand to the seven churches of Revelation 2&3. The churches were struggling to love, struggling to keep themselves morally pure, struggling against false teachers, under pressure from their culture. Some were holding up well; some looked to be, but were dead inside. Others had fallen away and were in danger of a major smackdown. What’s new? Nothing.

The study of these two chapters is so practical and relevant. It’s relevant as we think about our church, the church in America, and us as individual members of the body.

The first seven/eight weeks we’ll be looking at one church per week. Then, for the second half of the semester we’ll be looking at major trends/movements/figures within the American church – i.e. revivalism, liberalism (theological and moral), modernism/postmodernism, pragmatism, denominationalism, etc.

If you’ve got suggestions for ‘-ism’s’ you’d like to see us discuss in the second half of the semester, shoot em my way. See you January 10th for class (and hopefully on the 9th for a time of fellowship and fun)!

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  1. >Dan, it sounds like there's going to be a lot of overlap between what you'll be covering and what we'll be doing in our Koinonia acg in the spring: postmodernism and the emerging church. There's probably no way to join forces or anything, especially given the different meeting times, which is too bad.

  2. >I wish we could team up at times – that would be good. Maybe we can arrange a 'teacher' swap once or twice this semester! I don't think we'll overlap much at all though. I will only spend one week on postermodernism/emerging church stuff (if that – maybe only half a week). I'm knee deep in Revelation Commentaries and Books on American Church History. I love it!

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