>Scottish Rugby Player won’t Play on the Sabbath

>I had lunch today with my Scottish friend (I only have one), and he is very excited for the start of the Six Nations Rugby tournament. After that conversation this afternoon I ran across this story of Euan Murray on the Guardian (thanks to the Reformation21 blog), a Scottish player who won’t be playing Sunday because it’s the Sabbath.

“This Sunday, as Scotland take on France at Murrayfield in their first match of the Six Nations, the 29-year‑old will not be on the pitch. He has decided to forgo Sunday matches, and all non-religious activity that affects the Christian Sabbath – including interviews with Sunday newspapers.”

Strikingly different than many Christians in sports who ‘give a shout out to Jesus’ in the endzone! I think I’d be pretty good at making excuses to breach the Sabbath if I were him. I applaud his conviction and theological commitments. It reminds me of another famous Scottish athlete and makes me want to watch Chariots of Fire again. Oh, and this dudes neck as thick as my thigh!

2 thoughts on “>Scottish Rugby Player won’t Play on the Sabbath

  1. >I respect his views. Jonothan Edwards also held the view but I believe changed as he realized that he could glorify God by using the talents given by Him.My son's athletic competitions were always on a Sunday, so we tried to go to 8am service, before proceeding to the competition.It would have been a great pity had he had not had the opportunity to use his talents.James Cox France

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