>Song(s) of the Week

>Having talked about the love of God last night at Connexion (from the story of Hosea), I thought I’d post a song about the love of God. However, I couldn’t decide between these two. The first, ‘Here is Love’ was called the love song of the Welsh Revival of 1904. The first two verses were originally written by William Rees (“Dyma gariad fel y moroedd”) and William Williams added the 3rd and 4th verses. It was translated to English by William Edwards (did you notice – three men, four Williams).

The second is my favorite hymn – to be sung at my funeral (just a reminder Lynn). I know I’ve posted it before, but it’s I think we can handle it again. The words were written by Samuel Francis, a Plymouth Brethren open air preacher in London, in 1875.

Here is Love

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  1. >The second one was introduced to me at our new church, but with a different tune than the version you have here. Either way, the words are deeply moving, and I'm always overwhelmed while singing it.

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