>My Picnic Table

>Here’s some pictures of the picnic table I just finished. It took me about 4-5 hours of solid work. For someone who knew what they were doing, it would probably take 3 hrs. I followed some plans I found online. The plans were good except one thing. If you’re going to countersink the bolts, you’ll need a spade bit bigger than 3/4″. Using a 3/4″ bit didn’t give my ratchet enough room to bite the nut and tighten it. It was the biggest frustration of the whole project (which could have easily been solved by going and buying a 1″ spade bit. The whole project cost $110 dollars for wood, nails, bolts, etc. (that doesn’t count the $150 saw I bought this spring, without which the job would have been much harder). It’s a massive picnic table – 8ft long and approaching 250lbs. Its’ a Sherman Tank of a table – but it’s mine.

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  1. >you know… if you moved that in the house… it would make a great blanket fort scaffold for the next time I'm over babysitting the boys. 😉

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