>Web Round Up

There’s been a flurry of good/important posts from some of my favorite bloggers recently. Here’s a run down:

First up was a great three part series In Praise of Generalization: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. Along the same lines is The Illustrated Guide to a PhD (no offense to you PhD’s – I’m thrilled specialists are constantly pushing the bounds and expanding human knowledge).

Second was a great post in response to ‘transformationalist’ critiques of two kingdom theology by Jason Stellman. I’ve already posted some comments from it, so nothing new is needed.

Third, though I haven’t read ‘Green Awakening’, I am somewhat concerned by how gospel language and redemption motifs have been ‘hijacked’ to for the cause of creation care. I think creation care is a good thing – but it’s not the same as evangelism. Anyway, that’s a long into to a great post in critique of the language/approach of ‘Green Awakening’.

Forth, a really good reminder of the value of the King James Bible.

Lastly, a whole bunch of posts regarding Glen Beck. I think Russell Moore was the first to weigh in on the “plummet from Francis Schaeffer to Glenn Beck”. Andree Seu writes on World Magazines website in praise of Glen Beck. Kevin DeYoung responds to the glowing report from Seu, especially regarding the supposed Christianity of Beck (a professed Mormon). Finally, Carl Trueman argues that Beck is actually part of the problem.

Oops, one more. Challies posts on the downfall of the porn industry. Sounds great right. It’s not. The downfall is because people want, and can find plenty of free porn and are no longer willing to pay for it. Read the whole thing here.