>Too Missional?

>Kevin DeYoung has a great post over at his site. Apparently some were concerned with Kevin’s comments about ‘missional’ language at the Desiring God Conference. Here’s how he opened his comments on ‘missional’:

Let me say something at this point about the relatively new term “missional.” I do not have a problem with people putting “al” at the end of “mission.” More and more the word simply means “being involved in mission.” Or it is shorthand for “get out of your holy huddle and go engage your community with the gospel.” And I’m all for that. Every Christian should be. So I am not on a crusade to make people stop using the word missional, nor do I want you to be suspicious of everyone who does. Nevertheless, I have a few concerns with what I sometimes see in the missional mood…

He goes on to offer some good thoughts/concerns:

(1) I am concerned that good behaviors are sometimes commended using the wrong categories.

(2) I am concerned that in our new found missional zeal we sometimes put hard “oughts” on Christians where there should be inviting “cans.”

(3) I am concerned that in all our passion for renewing the city or tackling social problems we run the risk of marginalizing the one thing that makes Christian mission Christian: namely, making disciples of Jesus Christ.

Read the rest and then his clarifications here.