>Tug of War Over Jesus

>In response to a newsweek article on a meeting of moderate Christians to think through, in preparation for the 2012 campaigns, a response to the religious rights rhetoric, Jason Stellman (Creed Code Cult) raises the questions, “How ought the Reformed Christian to react to all this? What should be our response to learning that, come presidential campaign season, both the Democrats and Republicans will be playing tug-of-war with Jesus?”

First, “any proponent of two-kingdoms theology should feel very uncomfortable with the idea that the solution to the conservative politicization of the Christian faith is cheering on liberals when they try to do it.”

Second, “we must remember that our Reformed doctrine of the liberty of conscience means that one man’s utopian dream is may very well be another man’s nightmarish dystopia.”

Third, “America does not have any role in God’s redemptive plan for planet earth. The kingdom of Christ is manifested in this age in the visible church, not in any nation-state, regardless of how noble its history or how lofty its ideals.”

Fourth, “Obama is not a socialist.”

Lastly, “Lastly and most importantly, American Christians need to remember something that we so easily forget, and that is that our true homeland is an eternal, heavenly one whose allure cannot be compromised by the goings-on of the culture war.”

When I finish my paper (tonight), Stellman’s book Dual Citizens: Worship and Life Between the Already and the Not Yet is the first on my list!