7 thoughts on “>The Tea Partier and the Christian Left

  1. >Oh come on, it is funny. I laugh ever time I hear him say "the Barack Obama". Anyway, I find it funny not because of the political commentary, but because too many Christians have the idea that you can't be a real Christian if you don't vote like them. We see it from the right all the time, and I see it frequently from the left too.

  2. >That was funny, and a little too true for comfort. It is similar to a conversation I heard when we first moved here. A man said, "They are trying to trample on our God given right to bear arms" I was taken back that anyone would think it a God given right, and not just the constitutional right (some may argure they are one in the same).

  3. >Interestingly studies have shown that teapartiers have a higher education level than the general public. Not to say they're always right, but insulting their intelligence doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

  4. >I have no doubts about the educational levels of tea partiers. On the other hand, they are the one's who through around the term 'elitist' and complain about the 'liberalness' of the educational system. Honestly, I'm really sympathetic to some of the tea party stuff – but can't we laugh at ourselves a little. And the main reason I posted it is to poke fun at those who think being Christian means being in favor of small government and against socialism.

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