Previous Posts on Homosexuality

I almost never repost, but thought I’d glean a few previous posts on the topic of homosexuality and repost them. The occasion – a forum at IU this past week sponsored by a Christian campus ministry. Though I wasn’t there, I know that the main speaker declared, “”I’m gay! And yes, I am a Christian.” Again, I wasn’t there, but from the reports I’ve read, little or nothing was said about what the Bible has to say regarding homosexuality or about homosexuality as a sin. It was, mainly a call for churches to end their exclusion of gays from full communion. When asked to address the Bible directly, the speaker answered that doing so would violate the rules of how the forum had been set up.

What to say. I’m deeply grieved that a Christian campus ministry I’ve respected would approach this topic in such a way. Here’s a few of posts I’ve written in the past on this issue:

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