Best Paragraph this Week

I haven’t had time to post anything real this week as I’m out in St.Louis taking another class. It’s a great class on our Union with Christ. Lewis Smedes writes a wonderful paragraph, my favorite in all I’ve read the past two weeks. Commenting on Ephesians 1:1-3 he writes (and where you read ‘Paul’ insert ‘we’),

“There is no reason in heaven or earth why we should be so blessed. It is a gift. Paul ran from Christ; Christ pursued and overtook him. Paul resisted Christ; Christ disarmed him. Paul persecuted Christ; Christ converted him. Paul was an alien; Christ made him a member of the family. Paul was an enemy; Christ made him a friend. Paul was ‘in the flesh’; Christ set him ‘in the Spirit’. Paul was under the law; Christ set him in grace. Paul was dead; Christ made him alive to God. How does one give reasons for this? He does not give reasons; he sings: “Blessed be God who blessed us…even as he chose us in him.” (All Things Made New: A Theology of Man’s Union with Christ, pg 119)