Theosis: What we Gain in Christ > What we Lost in Adam

The question that will be driving me for the next two weeks, especially in the evenings after we get the kids to be and I am free to read/write, is this: “If Adam and Eve were in perfect union & communion with God in the Garden and still fell, what makes us so sure that we won’t experience a ‘second fall’ in the New Heavens and New Earth? What will be better about our relationship with God in eternity than Adam’s in the Garden?” I will be investigating, the concept of ‘theosis’, or ‘deification’ as the answer to this question. Put simply, we will partake in the divine nature (2 Peter 1:44) in eternity in a way that surpasses Adam’s experience of union with God in the Garden. This deeper level of union would have been Adam’s too if he had maintained his faithfulness in the Garden, passing the test and being confirmed in righteousness, partaking of the Tree of Life. As it stood, Adam’s union was sweet and made it possible for him not to sin; but, it wasn’t as profound as the union held out to us as our reward, for our union with God in eternity will be so intimate, so transformative, that we will move from beyond Adams initial position prefall (posse peccare/posse non peccare: possible to sin/possible not to sin) to a condition far better – non posse peccare (not possible to sin). If you have thoughts, I’m open! I think this is a productive line of investigation for a few reasons: – it helps understand Adam and his fall. – it helps us understand and appreciate that what we have in Christ is better than what we lost in Adam, and this should add fuel to the fires of our worship! – it helps us appreciate the security of our position in Christ even more. Looking forward to digging in!