I’m Back

Well, after a three month break from blogging, I’ve decided to return from retirement. The break was good – it helped me, hopefully, be less obsessive about the blog. And, I was running out of things to say! My reading had been very technical (read ‘boring’) and wasn’t sparking any good blog ideas.

I’m done with that reading now and am eager to dive into the books that have been piling up on my desk waiting for attention. Books you’ll be hearing from soon include Poythress’ Inerrancy and Worldview, Trueman’s The Creedal ImperativeWalton’s The Lost World of Genesis One, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, and maybe even some Church Marketing 101

I’m also planning on using the CGroup study on Jonah I wrote as a series of blog posts – hoping it will be a good resource for the cgroup leaders.

Lastly, you may notice a new button in the sidebar “Playlist Theology.” I’ve always posted some of my favorite songs/songs-I’m-currently-listening-to. Now, inspired by my summer devotional with the boys (and Dr. Moore’s ‘The Cross and the Jukebox‘ podcast), I plan on posting reflections to go along with the songs on a weekly basis.