The Prayer of a Needy Man

Lord, I thank you for your willingness to supply all my needs.

At every point I stand needy, there you stand ready to meet my need.

I am your creation, so dependent on you utterly. You are my Sustainer.

I am a sinner and stand in need of your grace and mercy. You are my Redeemer.

I’m drowning in guilt and shame. You are my Savior.

I need to be freed from the defilement of sin. You are my Sanctifier.

I need daily sustenance. You are my Provider.

I’m weary. You are my Rest.

I need purpose in a world that pulls towards meaninglessness. You are my Telos.

I need security amid the tumult of today. You are my Refuge.

I’m worried. You are my Peace.

I need wonder and mystery. You are the Three-in-One God.

I’m lost. Your are the Way.

I’m confused. You are the Truth.

I’m dying. You are Life.

Show me all the ways I think I’m self sufficient. Reveal yourself there as the one who meets the needs I don’t even know I have.

Be gracious and ever giving.