Best Reads, 2022

I read several really bad books in 2022, and a few gems. Here’s a few of the really good books I read this year!

Christian Living/Theology

A Better Story, Glynn Harrison. A compelling vision for human sexuality in light of God’s design for our bodies and sex.

Talking Back to Purity Culture, Rachel Jo Welcher. A healthy critique of ‘True Love Waits’ movement and others like it.

On the Road with St. Augustine, James KA Smith. Great guide to Augustine’s life and theology.

The Doctrines of Grace, Boice & Ryken. An accessible guide to the wonderful doctrines of graces.

Embodied, Preston Sprinkle. Good, winsome discussion of transgender issues and the Bible/church.


The Ethics of Hope, Rachel Lulich. A great science fiction novel – part two in the Fractured Galaxy Series.

The Good Shepherd, CS Forester. Very enjoyable novel about naval warfare in WW2.

Piranesi, Suzanne Clark. Not sure how to describe it, but I loved this fantasy novel!

NonFiction (Nonspiritual)

The Things they Carried, Tim O’Brien. Vietnam war stories. Incredible (but maybe not as true as you’re led to believe early on?).

Burning Down the Haus, Tim Mohr. Very interesting read on punk contribution to bringing down the Berlin Wall.

ReReads in 2022

Confessions, Augustine. I will reread this again in a few years. It’s that powerful.

Proper Confidence, Lesslie Newbigin. Doubt, confidence, modern and postmodern take on truth. Good, thoughtful book.